Being the ‘Better Man’

I was re-browsing the Better man Project website this morning. I don’t even know why but maybe because of the fact that I’m really trying to be genuinely happy for myself right now. Maybe, I was trying to check if I am still on track.

Many will say that I should have read or quote ‘The Happiness Project’ because I’m on that road. I certainly did read the book 5 or 6 years ago. Maybe it just didn’t fit me?

Anyways, just posting here my favorite lines on the two articles that helped me heal and continue to help me heal.

When you’re constantly avoiding these things or you’re grasping onto the past and you refuse to let go or you’re telling yourself delusionally…

“Oh it was this and it really was something else” you’re going to allow for that suffering that pain to perpetuate… to keep on going and going and going and going and to bring forth more pain and more suffering.

But when you face it truly with the eye of wisdom and insight you will be able to change it and shift it and morph it and work with it.

It takes practice and you have to arrive to that suffering with a sense of love and compassion versus hating it and avoiding it.

If you judge it, it will get worse.

But if you begin to love it… you begin to turn into that suffering… it will change and shift. So give it a shot.



I’m still totally scared of what’s coming but whatever it maybe, I’m looking forward to facing it.

Happy thoughts,



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